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Guardian Angel Care Inc.

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We will provide telephone/email contact info of references on request.


August 27 2012

I wanted to personally thank you for your exceptional efforts in helping us find an appropriate caregiver for our Mother. 

You provide strong details, valuable insight, and are extremely patient.

Your expertise in this area is highly visible.  You learned what our specific needs were and then you were able to locate the caregiver with the required credentials.

You went above and beyond my expectations.  The three way interview you conducted was absolutely perfect.  You were able to ask the tough questions, and get the appropriate answers. I know I would not have been able to achieve all of our results if you were not involved acting on our behalf.

You are aware of all the government rules and guideline.  You helped organize all details, and helped guide us to a great outcome.
I will be forwarding your contact information to many of my friends. They too have aging parents are facing similar issues.
If any of your clients would like to ask for a reference, either by phone or email, please feel free to allow me to provide the privilege.

Again, thank you for all of your efforts.
Mrs.Jamie Loumankis 

September 9 2011

Hi Fred,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful matching job with Sylvia. She is absolutely fabulous and I look forward to a long association with her. I'm sure you know that she is a real credit to Guardian Angels. 


August  3 2011

Hi Fred and Guardian Angel Staff
I really want to express my appreciation to you for your wonderful program.  The service has been excellent and I am very appreciative.
Barbara Bruce Mississauga (client since 2006)


January 11 2010

My email regarding the quality of service.  We have found this to be excellent! 
Marzieh's presence has been a blessing to my mother and I would recommend your services highly to anyone who asks.
Diane Sinclair



January 5th 2010

Your professionalism and caring nature has made our choice for Guardian Angel Care a sincere pleasure.

We look forward to meeting Nancy tomorrow and I will be in touch with you soon regarding the status of my father's health, etc..

Thank you Fred, Yours sincerely,

Wilson J. Boynton

Tue, Dec 29, 2009

Hi Fred

Just a quick note to thank you for the Christmas card and the good wishes from all of you.
And , of course, for all you did this fall. We couldn't have managed without you. Mrs Owen is happily adjusting to life at Chartwell and collecting yet more junk.

All the best in the New Year!

Lesley Owen

Dec 11 2009.

Guardian Angel Care

Hi Fred and Angels,

Thanks for everything, I am really glad that we switched to your company.  

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your effort, I appreciate it very much and we are very pleased with the care Warren has been getting.

You have been wonderful to work with  have a nice day. 

Thanks again for everything, you really have been wonderful and Warren thinks the world of Laura, and Petagay was a hit last week too!


Marcie Cunning  

Burlington, ON  L7L 4X8


Hi Anita

And I would like to thank you again for the excellent service you and your people gave me. It made life comfortable even with my mother needing lots of care. I expect that they will come back for more visits in the future, and I shall need you again.

John Burgener 


To Whom It May Concern

Two years ago we inquired at Guardian Care regarding using their services for my mother. At the time we decided they were not needed. But we were impressed by the professionalism of Fred. When we did need this year help on very short notice we called only one service - the one in which we had confidence. Fred provided the immediate care we needed and worked tirelessly on our behalf seven days a week. My mother is the widow of a veteran and Fred was invaluable, taking charge of the situation and getting us exactly what we needed and at the best-possible price. His caregivers have been very capable, and able to handle a difficult situation where, despite her physical failings, mom felt she was capable of living alone.
I would recommend Guardian Care highly to anyone requiring their services.

Bob and Lesley Owen- Brampton

Hello Fred,

Thank you for coming to the memorial service on Friday. I know you are busy and your presence meant a great deal to me and my family.
Please say thank you from all of us to everyone who worked so hard to make my father's last days comfortable and peaceful and without pain.
Tibor Gregor

Best regards,

Anne Gregor


To Whom It May Concern:

Our mother died recently at the age of 97. Her declining years had seen the onset of dementia and a general inability to care for herself and her affairs. She insisted on staying in her house and disliked any mention of professional homecare service. Her two sons found it increasingly difficult to accommodate their own lives and her increasingly insistent demands on them. Homecare services provided by the government carrier that we initially employed were increasingly unsatisfactory due to the lack of professionalism of both individual workers and agency coordinators.

Enter the Guardian Angels! From the very beginning of our association with them, both Fred, the Care Consultant  and all of the workers showed great professionalism, sympathetic care and friendship to our mother.

 Her attitude to homecare service went from one of caution and resentment to that of anticipation and enjoyment of their visits. 

In the approximately three years of care, we were never disappointed in terms of attendance, punctuality and dedication. They were available even on the most popular statutory holidays and were always sympathetic to our motherís at times unreasonable demands without becoming confrontational. 

They also showed great flexibility when schedules needed to be changed at the last minute. In particular, the Ďarchangelí Fred, was most accommodating, particularly in providing briefings, updates and prompt answers to questions. There was never a time when explanations were too much trouble. 

We were very impressed to see a number of the workers at our motherís wake. From the flowers, cards, messages of sympathy and their demeanor, it was obvious that they had formed very strong bonds with a woman who could be very difficult.

Their organization is very aptly named, and we endorse them very highly.


Patrick Elia for the Elia Family

Dear Guardian Angel Care Staff,

I want to thank you for the excellent service which you provided during the last fourteen months, and in particular to recognize the wonderful care Marilou provided to my mother, as she really was a guardian angel.

Melanie Towell - Oakville, Ontario


Dear Guardian Angel Care

I want in this message to pass on commendations for the various Angels that you assigned to work with my aunt, Isabel James, during the last 1.5 years of her life.


Irene:  Irene was my prime contact among the Angels.  She and I would call each other occasionally to confer on caring for Isabel.  I was impressed with several aspects of Irene's work.  
First, she showed great professionalism and patience in tolerating my aunt's bigotry against black people for more than a year, to the point that she and Isabel had a great relationship for the last few months.  Isabel actually gained comfort from Irene's caring, and she told me and her that she was happy to have her helping her each day.  
Secondly, Irene took the initiative to have me set up a payment mechanism at the local grocery store so that she could shop there for Isabel to buy fresh vegetables, etc. and to cook good meals for her.  That was a great step, and we were all happy too see Isabel weaned off her standard diet onto a more healthy selection.

Thirdly, Irene always looked after drug prescription renewals and related matters such as routine doctor visits quite independently of me.  Things just proceeded smoothly without my having to intervene or approve.  I greatly appreciated her actions in this regard.  
Fourth, Irene often discussed with me some basic improvements that she recommended:  variety of Isabel's wardrobe choice, dental needs, nail pedecures, etc.  She clearly did not just sit there, but took an active involvement in helping my aunt live with dignity, comfort, and health.
Finally, Irene coached me to recognize that Isabel's disease would cause her to say hurtful things to me, and thus she helped me cope also.  That was a wonderful addition to the service that she provided.
So, I want to congratulate you for grooming Irene to be such a professional, caring, and compassionate Angel.  She represented your company extremely well, and I have great respect for her.  I urge you to continue to recognize her strengths and to arrange challenging and self-affirming assignments for her.  I am confident that she will continue to represent you well.

Elsa:   I loved Elsa's trustworthiness and sincerity from the very beginning.  She has a way about her that puts people at ease, and I think that my aunt recognized that quality quite early also.  Whenever Isabel would mention that one of her "friends" was over visiting, she would name her as Elsa.  I think that quality of making people feel at ease is a wonderful one, and Elsa is very fortunate to have it.
I didn't have as many dealings directly with Elsa as for Irene, but on those occasions when our paths would overlap or when we talked by phone, I found her friendly, agreeable, competent, and professional.  She is a credit to your organization.  I hope that you will find ongoing challenging and fulfilling assignments for her.
Myra:  I only knew Myra from a couple of phone conversations, and then the final one on Isabel's date of death.  Myra had the very difficult job of finding my aunt's body, reporting her death, and then helping with cleaning up.  I am sorry that she had to do this.  But she handled herself professionally, and I greatly value her service.  I especially want to note how very clean Isabel's apartment was left, so that when I arrived later that day I found no evidence of a death there, or paramedic work, or police, or coroner, etc.  Myra was part of that cleanup, I am sure, and I want to commend her work.  She is certainly a credit to your organization.

Sheryl:  I had no interaction with Sheryl, but I learned indirectly, through Isabel, that she is a nice person and provided a comfort for my aunt.  I was pleased to meet her at the funeral, and she was very pleasant.  I want to thank her for being an Angel for my aunt.
I want to thank each of these Angels for attending my aunt's funeral.  Such a gesture of caring and compassion is clear evidence that they considered my aunt not merely a client and an opportunity for a job, but also a person whom they loved and truly cared for.  God bless their ongoing work and lives.
And God bless your work also, Fred, and your life.  You and Chrissy always made me feel as if Isabel was your only client.  You always devoted each conversation and interaction totally to me whenever we talked.  You never made me feel that other business was more important.  That characteristic is excellent, and it will serve you well for many years and for many clients to come.  And you both also spent numerous hours on the phone in support of Isabel, above and beyond the mere provision of a home care service.  Yes ...  "Angels" is right!

Thank you, once again, to repeat my many thanks over the last year and a half, thank you for providing your Angelic service.  You are providing a wonderful and a needed service, and you and your staff provide it professionally and competently.
I will be glad to have you refer any prospective clients to me for a positive endorsement.
Bill Bezanson- Ottawa


Dear Guardian Angel Care ,

I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent service you have provided to my family, in connection with my Mothers care. Care of loved ones , when they are most vulnerable can be a very frightening and stressful time. You were always there whenever I called and always willing to provide the information I needed. During these exchanges I most appreciated your assurances that you were there to help.

The best part of course, was that you provided the service that you promised. 

When we called in an emergency situation on a Sunday to have someone as soon as possible you were there and went right into action.

You had someone there for us on Tuesday which was amazing.

We couldn't have been assigned anyone better Bibi was knowledgeable, kind and very professional. 

We especially appreciated her willingness to help out in any way that was required.

Bibi was also creative in her efforts to get Mom some much needed exercise. 

She actually brought a ball from home and had mom playing catch and doing chair exercises.

We would not hesitate to recommend Guardian Angel Care to anyone.

Thank you for being there.

Ms.N.Cira Toronto, Ontario

Thanks Fred, spoke with my Father today and he gave glowing reports about Jackie Ė was very impressed.  Thanks to you, Chrissy and Jackie for a very thoughtful, organized experience and we have already recommended your services to someone else in the building so you may get a call - and as required we will also be using your services again.





Guardian Angel Care
Dear Fred,

It is a delight working with you, Chrissy, and your Angels. Even though the nature of the work, dealing with my aunt's failing health, is difficult, still the professional and caring manner of your conduct (all of you) make our interactions delightful. I thank God for you all.
God bless your ongoing work, your organization, and your people.


Bill B. Toronto,Ontario

Dear Guardian Angel Care ,

 I guess it is also a good opportunity to express to you how happy my Mom (me also) is with Sharon.  She feels very confident and well taken care of when 

Sharon is around.  Sharon is very attentive to my mothers needs and it really makes me feel comfortable when I am at work.  Her meals are delicious and 

we appreciate the fact that she makes enough for Amanda and myself.  You certainly have the right name for your agency because everyone I have come in 

contact with so far has really been a Guardian Angel.  It's a stressful time of our lives and you are all wonderful support to our family.

Thank You
Dawn A. Mississauga

Dear Guardian Angels,

Many thanks... Christine is a real Gem...she can handle Kenneth in the right way...he will listen to her.

Scarborough Ontario, Mrs.C.Smith.

Dear Guardian Angels,

My thanks to you for the services that your company is providing my mother. And accept my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful Angel , 

she was very caring and patient with my mother during some very difficult times.

Toronto Ontario  Mrs.M.Featherstone.

Dear Guardian Angels,

Hope you had a good Christmas. Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you.

Thank you so much for the excellent service that was provided to our dad by Guardian Angel Sandra. 

It provided much relief from the stress of taking care of my dad. In the meantime we will be happy to recommend your wonderful service to others. 

Again, most sincere thanks to you.

E. Vonk Mississauga

Dear Guardian Angels,

Thank you ...John is such a nice are truly an Angel and this thing was just meant to be


Dear Guardian Angels,

No words can express the undivided love and kindness you have all given to my husband , 

He knows you all so well and he says "Thank You" in his own way. 

What we would have done without you in the last while I don't know!!!

From the bottom of my heart 'Thank You" to you all very much.

Much Love The Pinney Family

Dear Grace (Angel)

 I want to thank you for helping my parents put out the Christmas lights. I spoke to my mom last night and she was so happy to have that task done. She said it was like a small miracle for her and dad because it is something so special to them and they can no longer do it.  My dad said that you are like his little girl. My mom who at the beginning didn't want homecare can't say enough about you Grace. 

Thank You for all that you do! 

Just know that God uses you to bless two very special people. 

Have a great day!


Chrissy M.

Hi Fred
Had a lovely chat this morning with Susan. She is the best!  She helped Kay call me and then Kay proceeded  to tell me how much she likes her and how well they get along, so God bless her!
Thanks again for continuing excellent service!

 M.Elia, Toronto



Guardian Angel Care Inc.