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Our professional cleaners provide regular or occasional domestic cleaning services. 

Sparks Organizers specialize in seniors' condos and homes.

Our experienced staff allows us to offer 5 star service at very reasonable rates.
Let us do your hard work so you can enjoy your home. 

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Serving Brampton And Mississauga Oakville Areas


Sparks cleaners  provide regular and one-off domestic cleaning service. 

We specialize in seniors condos and homes.
Our experience has helped us to offer you an excellent 5 star service at reasonable prices. We know what you want and we work hard so you can get it every time we clean your home.

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We specialize in residential cleaning.      

 Regular or occasional cleaning

 One time



Gift certificates available

 Weekday & weekend appointments

Fully trained and screened cleaning teams
furnish all cleaning supplies and provide the following services:

Floors: Sweep, mop and /or vacuum throughout.

Kitchen: Clean countertops, dust and wipe appliances, spot-clean
cupboard fronts and wash floors.

Bathrooms: Spotlessly clean sinks, tubs, toilets and wipe counters.

All rooms: Clean and dust baseboards, pictures, lampshades, 

furniture, and vacuum carpet.

 Additional Services Upon Request:

Interior Window Cleaning


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