Emergency access to elderly households

We will provide and install this Keysafe unit @$75.00 includes gst.

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Stylish designed keybox available in assorted colors. Its easy pushbutton opening is great for kids. Stores up to 2-5 conventional keys. Attaches securely to any wall or flat surface with four screws (provided).

  • Easy access for friends and family

  • Provides scheduled access for cleaning personnel, pool service, household maintenance and unattended deliveries

  • Enough room for 5 keys

  • Attaches securely to most flat surfaces with 4 screws (provided)

Lock Box/Key Control StorAKey - S7 "Big Box" - Supra

How do I open the shackle on a portable keybox (KeySafe or StorAKey)?
After removing the lid, you'll find a lever inside on the left side of the keybox. Lift the lever towards the front of the keybox and pull up on the shackle at the same time. The shackle will release.

Can I reset the combination?
Yes. The combination can be changed as often as you like without any special tools.

What is the warranty on the KeySafe and StorAKey keyboxes?
Both keybox lines have a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not cover forgotten combinations. Call Supra Customer Support (1-800-225-2974) for more information on our return policy.

How well does the keybox function when exposed to the elements?
Very well, however, it is a mechanical device so it can freeze when directly exposed to freezing weather. Rain, cold and heat does not affect the functionality of the keybox. There is a protective cover available for purchase to keep dirt and water out.

What is the factory setting for the pushbutton keybox?
There is no preset combination for the pushbutton keybox. To operate simply push the "clear" button to reset any button that may inadvertently have been pushed in. Next, pull down the release button at the top of the lid and lift the lid off.

Follow the instructions found on the back of the lid for setting a personal combination.


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