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Gain emergency access to a seniors home

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Guardian Angel Care Inc.

We'll Be There When You Need Us Most 

Our Angels will take care of the day to day tasks for your mother, father,  grandmother, grandfatherfamily member  or friend. 

We have Angels waiting...



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GTA - Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Most Common Questions We Are Asked

Here are the most common questions asked about the
non-medical services provided by
Guardian Angel Care Inc.:

Q: "What is Guardian Angel Care?"

A: Guardian  Angel Care Inc. incorporates a wide variety of  services that can be provided at home to provide assistance with the essential activities of daily living.

Q: "How do you select your Guardian Angel Care Providers?"
A: All of our care providers have successfully completed a thorough reference and criminal background check. Each is bonded and insured.

Q: "How do you provide training for your
Guardian Angel Care providers?"
A: Every
Guardian Angel Care Provider is required to attend an orientation program and ongoing training monthly, which covers the most practical topics and situations encountered in providing seniors non-medical in home care.

Q: "What makes Guardian Angel Care provider different from other companies?"
A: As a family owned and operated business , we strive to provide the personalized care to ensure that each client has a compatible relationship with their
Guardian Angel Care provider. And, you can be confident that we will be there when we are scheduled to be there.

Q: "Are services available for the seniors currently in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?"
A: Yes, we provide companionship to residents of care facilities who require additional non-medical attention and/or personalized assistance.

Q: "Can I help select the Guardian Angel Care provider and/or meet them in advance?"
A: Yes, our clients can help select their
Guardian Angel Care provider, and we will discuss the selection process during our initial in-home visit.

Q: "Who pays the
Guardian Angel Care provider - me or you?"
A: We pay the Guardian Angel Care provider.
Guardian Angel Care  handles all the administrative responsibilities for you. You simply pay our invoices when you receive them. No administrative Worries, we will take care of them.

Q: "What are your rates and 4 minimum hours of service?"
Email us at the address below.

Email Protection by Name Intelligence

Q:"Why use
Guardian Angel Care providers rather than someone out of the paper?"
A: All of our
Guardian Angel Care providers are pre-screened, trained, bonded and insured. Our team of quality providers guarantees the most compatible and reliable Guardian Angel Care provider will be there for your family or friend.

Q: "What happens if my Guardian Angel Care provider is sick?"
A: We employ a team approach. If one
Guardian Angel Care provider is sick, another is normally available.

Q: "Is Guardian Angel Care  a home cleaning service?"
A: No, but we do offer light housekeeping, laundry and ironing.

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